What Sets Us Apart

Your Family Dentist

Summerlyn Dental Care in Bradford, Ontario has been serving the dental health need of families in the surrounding area since 2011.

While kids happily watch videos and use iPads in the play area, their parents are nearby quietly reading, checking emails, or getting coffee from the beverage centre. Friendly staff members warmly welcome new arrivals and show patients to our comfortable treatment rooms. At Summerlyn Dental Care, our dentists, Dr. Zina Baraz and her brother Dr. Zaid Baraz, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the past year, Summerlyn Dental Care has added even more patient services to our wide range of family and cosmetic dental treatments. Our skilled professionals deliver all services using the newest dental equipment and technology. This includes conscious sedation for people who suffer from anxiety; and a new technology that makes X-rays more comfortable for children and adults with small mouths.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Mir, offers patients a choice of clear braces, and the Invisalign® system of teeth straightening. We are also thrilled to welcome a periodontist (gum specialist), Dr. Adam Ohayon, to our team!

Informing the parents, or the adult patient, about the options of treatment plan is key. Knowing there are options puts everyone at ease. We are blessed and honoured when a family refers another family or patient refers a patient. Putting the patient first, doing the best for them, and making them feel like family is our goal.

We are happily serving Bradford from 459 Holland St. W in Bradford. Come on down, meet the dentists, and take a tour of our facility! We are open Monday to Friday and every Saturday (except for long weekends), and offer evening appointments to fit your busy schedule.

Digital Dental Imagery

Take a digital tour of your mouth with our high-magnification camera and large-screen monitor and you will see exactly what we see to understand the dental treatment we recommend. If you are nervous about the treatment chair, you can watch videos or TV while we work on your smile or we can give you laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to relax you. Our skilled dental hygienists will have your teeth sparkling and instruct you on proper dental care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get that Hollywood smile with cosmetic dentistry. We can help you look and feel better with procedures to straighten or whiten teethreplace lost teeth, or fill in gapsDental implants are the newest technology to replace bridges or dentures. New patients are always welcome at Summerlyn Dental Care, conveniently located in Bradford.

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