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Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

Early detection is key to preventing oral cancer

Summerlyn Dental Care in Bradford, Ontario can help you treat and prevent oral cancer

Oral cancer can occur anywhere in your mouth, appearing as sores, swellings, lumps or thick patches anywhere in and around your mouth and throat. Early detection is key to overcoming this disease, with successful treatment relying on how early you catch it. Conduct self exams at least once a month, and schedule regular dental screenings. To try and prevent oral cancer it is recommended you don't smoke, and only drink alcohol in moderation. You should eat a well balanced diet and limit exposure to sun. Additionally, practice good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease leading to oral cancer and the likes. Oral cancer is treated similarly to other cancers - with surgery to remove the growth, followed by radiation or chemotherapy.

Summerlyn Dental Care in Bradford, Ontario provides regular dental screenings for oral cancer, and will give you the best possible care dealing with oral cancer. For more information or preventative measures you can take, call or stop by Summerlyn Dental Care today.

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Last Updated On: January 19, 2017
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