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Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Treatment and prevention of Gingivitis appointments available.

Gingivitis (Gum disease) Treatment at Smiles and Summerhill in Newmarket, Ontario

Gum disease is medically known as periodontal disease or Gingivitis. Gum disease can be developed from long-term exposure to a film on the teeth known as plaque, growth of plaque commonly occurs after eating or sleeping. Treat gum disease today book an appointment at Smiles and Summerhill in Newmarket,Ontario

Gingivitis manifests in gums,They act as host to infections that form from harmful bacteria and other leftover materials from eating. Gingivitis can go unnoticed for extended periods. There are some early identifiers that can help identify if someone has contracted Gingivitis. These include bleeding after flossing or brushing, bad breath and painful or swollen gums.

Tooth loss is a possible result of Gingivitis in adults, though this can be avoided through early detection and treatment.

When untreated Gingivitis can result in severe problems such as bone loss, abscesses or peritonitis could happen.

Periodontitis can be treated several ways. one of these being root planing, this involves scraping and cleaning the gum line to smooth the roots. when successful the practise helps gums attach themselves to the structure of the tooth. Another type of Gingivitis is known to be caused by pregnancy. Plaque production increase is connected to the hormonal changes in the woman's body.

Book a thorough cleaning at Smiles and Summerhill in Newmarket, Ontario for more information on Gingivitis treatment and prevention.

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